Summer Window Cleaning Tips

It seems, after a long (long) delay, the weather is finally improving and across the country people are getting in the mood for a bit of a spring clean. Here in Hastings window cleaners are suddenly in demand, as for the first time looking out of the window seems like a pleasant thing to do rather than a way to remind yourself that it’s still raining.

Of course, to get an absolutely top quality job you want to bring in a professional window cleaner with the right tools and experience to get your glass absolutely spotless, but there are a few hints and tips you can use that will help you do a decent job if you want to try it for yourself.

Clean Air Means Clean Windows
If your windows always seem a little on the grimy side it could be because of the air quality. Before you start cleaning your windows check the filters on your air conditioning systems and heaters. Try to make sure that there is nothing blowing clouds of dust into the air, undoing your hard work.

Check the Weather
A hot, sunny day may seem like the perfect time to clean your windows, but that’s actually deceptive. Hot, bright sunlight will dry your glass quickly which can leave unpleasant looking streaks across your windows. Instead, wait for a day that’s just a little overcast, or wait until a time of day when the windows are in shade.

Work from the Top Down
To get the best effect, clean and dry a one-inch wide strip at the very top of your windows, then gradually work downwards. As you clean, make sure that you’re using a different pattern of stokes on the outside and inside of the window. This means that if you do get any unpleasant streaky effects you’ll immediately know which side of the window it’s on.

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