How to Spring Clean Your House in 30 Days

With winter almost past us, it’s time to look forward to spring – and the spring clean. However, refreshing your house for the summer months does not need to be a chore. In fact, if you take it day by day, you can spread the hard work over the course of a month and have your house spring cleaned before everyone else has even began thinking about it.

You could start the month by filling your dishwasher with anything but dishes. Use the convenience of this appliance and clean your vases ready for the Spring flowers, plastic toys, toothbrush holders, and much more. Just remember to choose a gentle cycle and skip the heated dry.

Follow by washing the windows, and decluttering any side tables. Be ruthless, and throw things away if you haven’t looked at or thought about something in six months. Deep clean your carpets with carpet shampoo and a high performance vacuum cleaner. You will be surprised at how much pet hair (or human hair!) has gone unnoticed and just faded into the decor.

Dust (or lint roll) all the easily forgotten items and spaces. Use your tumble dryer to toss drapes, curtains and even throw pillows on an “air only” cycle, and hang immediately to prevent wrinkles or creases. Roll a lint roller over lampshades and blinds to collect dust.

While you’re waiting for dinner to cook, take the opportunity to degrease the kitchen cabinets. Remember to wipe down the insides and handles of doors, and the floor just in front of your oven to get your kitchen looking like new.

Something that often gets overlooked is cleaning and looking after your vacuum cleaner. Remember to replace the bag, clean out any dust, and take care of the hose and heads. A healthy hoover will pick up more dust and dirt, and leave carpets and rugs looking fresher than ever.

Taking each job one day at a time will not overload you, and will give you time to get on with running the house like clockwork, and is easy to fit round other commitments. Spring cleaning should not be something you dread. Instead think of it as a chance to look forward to refreshing your house – and yourself – after another dreary winter.

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